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Scholarships, Workstudies and Free Passes


Our goal is a sustainable and viable planet able to sustain all of us and future generations. It is accomplished through the use of Permaculture, a technology created and assembled by Bill Mollison, an Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher and biologist.

One of the key principles of permaculture is Whole System Design. It is a simple yet powerful way of ensuring the effects of our actions are not destructive, often due to shortsightedness, but fully sustainable because we took the time to look before acting. It has to do with being responsible for our actions, and though responsibility is often not a popular word, it is vital to the survival of our and, if not all, most other spiecies. The solutions to most of the damaging things we do are usually simple and not very hard to work around but due to not looking beyond that immediate gain, we miss it. That is where permaculture stands tall.

Thus, for us it is important that we stand shoulder to shoulder and help educate and bring about positive and peaceful change, change which should have very small, if any, loss of the activities that we enjoy.

Often times people who work for the betterment of many are not recognized in our money oriented society. Where a poor man does not have any rights or apparent value until he too is money focused. Not to say there's anything wrong with money, but it is Not more important than People. A distinction left out of most political activities. 

In recognition of mans true value, being willing to help others, and inline with our goals, we are offering scholarships, work-studies and price breaks when it furthers those goals.

How do you qualify for a scholarship?

It is not written in stone and each case is different, but we look at how you are working towards the same goals and your involvement. You could be someone who's volunteering in your community and someone other people depend on to help their survival. In other words you are unselfishly helping others without the financial gain needed to be able to pay for our course. If you feel that you qualify let us know and we will see if we can get you in. Not being accepted does not necessarily mean we don't think you qualify, it could be as simple as too many other scholarships already booked for the course. Campers have the biggest opportunities as we don't have to worry about indoor space. We do ask for the deposit to cover our expenses.

A workstudy is when you pay the deposit and come and work with us to help accomplishing some tasks. Depending on your skills that might require a couple of weeks of partial or full time work to offset the balance of the course. Workstudies are available to the degree we need your particular skills or available room at the farm. Again, campers have the biggest opportunities as we don't have to worry about indoor space.

Someone that could receive a free pass could be, for example, an editor that can help forwarding our goals though his/her medium. 

It has to do with actual value to all. Rarely measured by wealth, though having financial energy is a necessity in most societies.