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Slam Dunk Summer Garden

Slam Dunk Summer Garden

Have you ever tried to grow tomatoes or lettuce in summer in Florida? It is challenging. But we like to work with nature and what the land wants to produce. Thus, we work with foods that thrive in summer heat and humidity, produce abundantly with little care, and also (an important criteria for us) are packed with healing nutrition and delicious.

Learn easy techniques to grow these foods abundantly in the summer in Florida.

We introduce you to these superfood plants, show you how to care for them, harvest them, and prepare them, including delicious recipes to take home. We have most of these plants for sale in our nursery.

This class is limited to 9 people so please reserve early. Cost is $20, including 1 plant and take home materials.


June 13

Our Permaculture Farm
11251 Salina St
Brooksville, Fl