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Preparing Native Florida Foods

We will make beautyberry jelly, and we will prepare and cook a delicious dish with seminole pumpkin at this fun session. Take home a jar of delicious beauty berry jelly, and a seminole pumpkin, to continue the adventure at home!

Beautyberry plants are Florida native bushes that grow in forests and at the edges. Every fall, they burst into color with dramatic and beautiful clusters of purple berries. Birds love these berries, and they are also edible for humans, without a very memorable taste. However, when we make jelly from them, the taste really pops!  It is one of our all time favorite jellies, and gorgeous in color. It makes a beautful gift. Beautyberries can be prepared as sauce and other dishes as well. The leaves of beautyberry are a mosquito repellent that has been proven in studies to work. See how we prepare and use these leaves.
Seminole pumpkin was a staple food of Native Americans throughout Florida. It grew wild and was cultivated by indigenous people, who would often guide it into trees. Chassahowitzka, a well known par on the Nature Coast, means "hanging pumpkins" in the native tongue.

These pumpkins have a texture similar to butternut squash and can be used in similar ways. They grow prolifically and effortlessly in Florida, while many other types of squash suffer from mildew and pests. We have often gotten 25 or more squash from a single vine. The pumpkins can last for months in storage - we often have seminole pumpkin from our gardens year around, eating stored pumpkins over the winter until they start producing again the next year.

These fruit have zinc, Omega 3's, and other good nutrition, and can be prepared in many different ways - boiled or baked, used as a vegetable, dried and ground into a flour for bread, young shoots and leaves cooked as greens, flowers fried or stuffed. Seeds can be roasted or hulled and ground into a gruel.

In this class, learn to prepare preserves, and how to store, cut up, and prepare seminole pumpkin. We will also use other foods from our garden to prepare the dish. You will take home recipes as well. These are great holiday foods that are ready to harvest just in time for holidays.

You will also learn how to grow and harvest these plants.
Instructor: Eric Morin
Eric's cooking is a favorite of everybody who tastes it! His goal is to grow all of his own food and find many ways to prepare it. He loves exploring new ways of combining what is growing in the garden, and has a real instinct in the kitchen. He loves sharing his secrets with others.
When: Oct 24, 1-4pm
Where: Our Permaculture Farm, 11251 Salina St, Brooksville, FL 34614
Price: $25 (Includes jelly and a pumpkin)

Do both morning and afternoon classes for $35!