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Apprenticeship opportunities in Tampa Bay

Published: Sunday, 10 November 2013

We are offering apprenticeship or “shadowing” opportunities to course students in several exciting projects we have ongoing. We are working on these from the Tampa Bay area, Florida. There is a lot happening, a lot that needs to be done and if we work together, the sky is the limit!
- Plan and implement a permaculture design for a city park.
- Plan and stage multiple permaculture projects for Pine Ridge reservation. We have extensive projects ongoing in the areas of food, building, culture, economics, and energy.
- Work with a food forest at HCC campus.
- Plan an urban permaculture farm. 
- Be involved in planning for an intentional community in Central Florida on acreage. This project will include all aspects of the permaculture flower. 
- Work on creating and expanding financial permaculture models, including innovative urban farming cooperative ventures, link-up, beneficial connection and integration of permaculture energies around the Bay for mutual benefit, start up businesses that get support from the existing community, time banking, etc.
- Work on community projects, including art gardens, neighborhood place-making, etc.