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  • We offer different levels of consultation:


    3 hour consultation - $250

    3 hour consultation (recommended): $250 plus travel if site is more than 1 hour from Brooksville, FL. For this consultation we ask that you do some homework first, which will give you a much higher value. We review your completed client interview, and then visit your site and ask additional questions while walking it, to ensure we fully understand what you want and any challenges on the site. We will then discuss options with you. When we have agreed on a direction, we will provide a written report documenting what we discussed and including additional information such as suggested plant lists and placement, guilds, water and energy saving recommendations. This is not a permaculture design - a real design cannot be completed in three hours. It entails an assessment and recommendations that you can use to complete your own design and avoid some or perhaps all of the major pitfalls that you might otherwise encounter.

    1 day consultation  - $550

    One day consultation (recommended for more depth or if several items needs to be addressed): $550 plus travel expenses if site is more than one hour from Brooksville, FL. We will provide you with a client interview ahead of time and ask you to provide that information about your property before we arrive. We will then visit the site and walk the property with you. In the process, we will explore your goals with you. We will dig deeply into key areas that you feel and we assess are the major challenges on your site or where you want to understand all of your options. You will be presented with a number of ideas about how to approach your site that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. The report for a one day consultation is usually 10+ pages and is tailored to your needs. In some cases, clients will request a multi-day consultation which is also available.

    Full design - $1,500 and up

    This may includes a detailed site analysis, a site map and design drawing, a detailed plan of implementation including plant list, recommendations for each aspect of the site, staging, financials, and other details to be determined by the designer and client together. This is a multi day process and is recommended for those who want full guidance on creating a fully functional permaculture site. You will fill out a client intake and interview form, a site analysis will be performed and then based on your needs and the complexity of the project, an estimate will be made of the costs of the design.