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We give workshops on a variety of topics including:

The Secret of Soils - soil building techniques that will create long term abundance in your garden

Abundance Gardening - grow food year around with less work; focus on perennials, Florida friendly food, edible landscaping and edible forest garden techniques. Florida or Southern California specific

Regenerative Economics - what are your options to create more stability, resiliency, and joy in your life by applying permaculture principles to finances? How can you incorporate these into your life? 

Designing for Resiliency - How can you retrofit your home and life to create maximum resiliency in the face of sometimes unpredictable changes? Simple, inexpensive ways to increase your ability to be resilient no matter what the circumstances are. 

We can tailor workshops to your specific needs in many cases. We also give children's workshops on nature awareness, working with nature, soil and gardening, our relationship with water, and more.