We are a hands-on permaculture learning center that has expanded with the 'Learn@' program online.

Grow Permaculture was founded in year 2000 and have been graduating Permaculture Designers each year since. Most of our in-person students are from Florida but we also have students from not only different parts of the US but from a number of different countries.

Learning to apply permaculture, or anything for that matter, can be very challanging when it's all theoretical. Our online system consists of online theory and hands-on either on your own property or on our farm. We don't want to force you to do it here in-person and indeed you can argue it's better than nothing and you would be correct. There are many situations in life where permaculture can help bringing sanity such as Financial Permaculture, Health and Spiritual Well-Being (see permaculture flower with seven petals) and indeed any Design Principle you can do in your own home and simply share with others. This is the online part of our Permaculture Design Course (PDC).

For us permaculture is a way of life, a life style we wish for others to learn and adopt. The lack of understanding of our environment is resulting in abuse and potentially suffer irreparable damage, as is noted with more spieces dying off faster than they are reproducing. With low understanding comes low responsibility as it is hard to be responsible for something you don't understand. Thus, it is vital for us to be part of the solution and in that vein Grow Permaculture was formed.