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We consider your privacy important. When you register to use our service, we may ask you (or you may be asked by prompts from the web site, for example), to provide certain information which may include Name, Address (including e-mail address), and Telephone Numbers, etc. When this information is used in a manner that identifies you, this information shall constitute "Personal Information". When this information is used in a manner that does not identify you, this information shall constitute "Statistical or Aggregated Information".

Federal law allows us to collect Personal Information from or about you using our service without your consent in order to: (i) obtain information necessary to render the service to you and (ii) to detect unauthorized reception of service. We may collect other Personal Information from you with written or electronic consent.

We use Personal Information for legitimate business activities related to the provision to you of any our service, including, without limitation, to bill you for our services, for accounting or tax purposes, to detect unauthorized use of a our service, violation of the our Acceptable Use Policy, or violation of law, and for mailing or sending promotional material or information to you about products and services.

We will implement reasonable security measures to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access.

We remind you that when you posts any information about yourselves or others to Chat Rooms or similar interactive bulletin board sections of the Internet, you are revealing such information to strangers benevolent or hostile. Additionally, when you visits sites and other sections of the Internet, each may be governed by different privacy policies and any information you provide about yourselves in such sections may not be protected by policies akin to this Privacy Policy. Please use caution and good sense.