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Pine Ridge Reservation Natural Building Project 2015


This summer, our goal is to complete an earth-bermed biodome, a multiuse natural building, and some mini-libraries. All three of these projects will create multiple positive effects. We hope to connect to like minded groups that can help us broaden the impact. 

We would love your assistance to get these projects done. A big part of this is of course funding. We love crowdfunding because if everyone gives just a little, we can get big things done. We created a crowdfunding site that will keep people updated on our progress and details here (and read the story - even if you don’t plan to give – we think it’s an interesting one):

If everyone on our lists gave just $10, we would have enough to get all of these projects done this summer! Don’t hesitate to give a small amount – no amount is too small!! If you can’t give, spread the word and others will.  We truly appreciate all thoughts, intentions, small and large gifts, and forwarding to friends!  Your gift really does make a difference no matter the amount, and we sincerely appreciate it!

We have accomplished a lot because of the support we’ve received from both volunteers and funders, and also through the free and generous sharing of knowledge. We’re looking forward to what we will get done this year!


We are finalizing the dates of this build based on funding and availability of Lakota project managers. 

If you would like to physically help out at the reservation, here is the information you will need. We will complete a walipini green house and a mixed media building.  Materials that may be used will be sustainably harvested wood, cob, straw bale, and more. We will be focused on creating highly sustainable structures with multiple functions and strong capture of energies. 

These structures will be built at the Oglala-Lakota Cultural and Economic Revitilization Initiative (OLCERI), an experimental and demonstration permaculture site on the reservation.  The greenhouse, designed by founder of OLCERI , Lakota Bryan Deans, will be passively heated and cooled, and used for an experimental aquaponics system. These buildings are designed to create pathways to more sustainability, self-reliance, and resilience.

Additionally, you will have opportunities to learn other skills such as animal care, water conservation, erosion control and more.

Other volunteer positions are available through the summer and into fall.  Please sign up for our newsletter for further news on these offerings, or check back on our site!  Also, sign up in our Facebook group too: