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Additional In-Person Classes (5 Day Rate)


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If  you want to get more hands-on we offer these classes at our farm. Choose the specifics you want to practice on for the number of days you need. (Only available to Online students.)
  • Site assessment - walk through a site assessment, slope, soil, and more
  • Soil building - composting, vermi-composting, sheet mulch, hugelkultur, cover crops and more
  • Water catchment - in soil, earthworks, ponds, and rain catchment tanks
  • Food forests and food systems - How, when and what to plant
  • Propagation, wild foods and medicine, and mushrooms
  • Built environment and energy systems - passive heating and cooling, solar, rocket stoves, and more
  • Community building - exercises to build community
Cost: $125 per day, $500 for five days.
Camping and food available with some schedules for an extra cost.
Schedules for these classes to be announced.

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We are ready to move you on towards your goals, let us know if you still have any questions? Our team is ready and waiting for you! :-)
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