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In Depth Design - 2-4 Days (Daily rate)


Recommended for clients with complex or larger projects, or who are learning and need more in depth guidance, or would like help with “invisible structure” of the project such as strategy or finance, or would like consultation on many elements in their system.

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May include some or all of the following depending on each client’s needs.

Same as above but with these additional features:
· Deep goals analysis, prioritizing goals.
· Strategizing implementation (sequence of installation and expansion).
· Budget planning and business plan.
· In-depth site analysis and recommendations.
· Detailed plant list with care information.
· Detailed soil building plan.
· Schedule for intensive grazing.
· Detailed description of recommended appropriate tech such as solar system, water catchment, biogas etc.
· General placement of elements, informal drawing.

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We are ready to move you on towards your goals, let us know if you still have any questions? Our team is ready and waiting for you! :-)
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