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December 22

Winter and freezes arrived with a hard freeze, but not before we harvested some really nice fruit! We found some nice insulators to protect plants.
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June 2022

Summer, rainy season. Lot's of rain. When we get to this time of year we better have done the mowing or we will need the bush wacker to be able to take out the new wild trees. In other words plants are growing!
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Seeing through the leaves

April 2022

The season is moving through Spring and into summer. We have found a solution for the invasive Cogon grass, pumkins won't give up and Tahiti is making itself known. New classes are added to help you grow more natively growing food.
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March 2022

Spring has arrived after a winter with multiple freezes. The natural cycle has come full circle once again and life is taking off with flowers, fruit and trees relying on the multitude of pollinators.
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Thanks Giving Cactus

December 2021

We depart from 2021 in gratitude for the lessons learned from challenges and the pleasurable moments we’ve experienced through the magic of nature, abundance, and each other this year.
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November 2021

The farm is exploding in brilliant fall color. We are harvesting Seminole pumpkin, cassava, yam, mulberry, figs, Satsuma mandarin, red lime, herbs, summer greens, winter veggies, and more.
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