Bill Mollison Lectures (pdf)

Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison (4 May 1928 – 24 September 2016) was an Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher and biologist. In 1981, he was awarded the Right Livelihood Award “for developing and promoting the theory and practice of permaculture”.

Mollison co-developed the system and principles of Permaculture with David Holmgren, envisioning a perennial and sustainable form of agriculture. In 1978 they published their book Permaculture One, which introduced this design system to the general public.

Mollison founded The Permaculture Institute in Tasmania, and created the education system to train others under the umbrella of permaculture. This education system of “train the trainer” through a formal Permaculture Design Course and Certification (PDC), has taught hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world how to grow food and be sustainable using permaculture design principles.

It is the technology and certification process used at Grow Permaculture today.

Lectures by Bill Mollison

1. Introduction to Permaculture
2. Permaculture in humid tropics
3. Permaculture in arid landscapes
4-6. Permaculture in low islands
7 & 15. Permaculture in low islands
8. Designing for Permaculture
9. Permaculture techniques
10. Forests in Permaculture
11. Water in Permaculture
12. Permaculture in Urban Areas
13. The Permaculture Community
14. The Permaculture Alternative
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