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Do you have a piece of land or looking
to buy one and want it to not only be
sustainable but regenerative?
Our Design Team - 
Welcomes You to Permaculture!

Introduction to Our Design Services

We provide short consultations or full designs to help you create the sustainable – and actively regenerative – home or farm you’ve been dreaming of. We’ve viewed and analyzed hundreds of diverse sites and can help you save time and money getting the results you want on your site. We work from a holistic, integrated viewpoint – we understand that all elements must be considered to create a truly sustainable and resilient design. We help you assess needs and resources and help connect the dots in a way that will bring your project to the next level, and keep getting better.

We consider that a regenerative approach goes several steps beyond sustainable, as it doesn’t just prevent further degradation – it actively heals the earth and communities. An example would be regenerative agriculture which builds depleted soils, increases diversity and wildlife habitat, renews water supplies and makes them healthier, and creates more economic resiliency.

Urban Design

We design landscapes to be both beautiful and functional. An edible landscape is:

  • Organic
  • Easy to care for – less work than conventional gardens
  • Aesthetic, beautiful and interesting
  • Healthy, providing nutritious food year around
  • Economical – skip the fertilizer, and reduce your grocery bill with fresh, healthy food you grew yourself
  • Natural – we design gardens to work with natural systems, rather than fighting them
We access an unusual selection of attractive plants, both native and non-native, that grow well in Florida conditions and will provide abundant food in small spaces. If you want to do it yourself but need some help getting started, we can give you great advice on what to plant, when, and how.

Interested in selling what you grow? We can help with that, too.

An edible forest garden can provide food year around with little upkeep or care. The idea behind it is that by mimicking natural systems, we can work with nature’s energies and do less work ourselves.

Perennial plants in Florida often offer harvests for many months out of the year and require little care or upkeep to keep producing, year after year. We specialize in working with plants that thrive in Florida and taste like more familiar annuals that are difficult to grow in this climate, like spinach and lettuce.

Many of the plants we work with are highly nutritious as well as very attractive. Some of them have medicinal qualities as well.

Designing For Resiliency

It’s good to be prepared for any contingency, whether you live in an urban or rural area. We have helped individuals and groups design property to be fully off grid and self-sufficient.

We have many resources to help you achieve this and we design for the whole picture – including creative financing for your project, crafting workable agreements, food, water and energy security, etc.

Rain Catchment, Irrigation & Water Catchment

Water security is an important part of planning for resiliency. This is an issue wherever you live, because of groundwater depletion, salinization and potential toxins in the supply. Where should you place rain catchment? What materials should you use? How much do you need?

How can you use water most efficiently in your landscape and household? We can help you create a whole systems package, unique to your site and your personal needs, that will reduce your water needs substantially and give you an emergency back-up water supply.

Small Farms

We’re aware of the issues that small farms deal with and confront on a daily, seasonal and year to year basis. We use a holistic process to ensure that we fully understand your goals, and can help you achieve them through increasing resiliency and optimum use of resources. We help you find ways to reduce loss and increase yield, as well as diversify for additional income.

We understand the challenges of a small business as well as the challenges of a farm ecosystem. We help you look at viability of various approaches based on your interests and resources including regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, agroecology, aquaculture, value added, polyculture, and other potential yields.

We have a small farm ourselves, and incorporate these regenerative agriculture techniques on it.

Village Scale

Imagine a village that is designed on regenerative principles. It is designed to enhance both quality of life of residents and ecosystem health.

We have worked with forming intentional communities, established communities that want to become more intentional or resilient, public garden projects or regenerative urban agriculture projects, non-profit groups, co-operatives, and other projects aimed at holistic living on a community scale.

We facilitate agreements among stakeholders, guide groups to establish policy that will help them be more regenerative and resilient, do exploratory assessments to determine capacity, co-create strategic planning, and more. We can help you navigate the many facets of working in groups to ensure success of the project.


We provide a value that goes beyond monetary, because we focus on design that increases quality of life. But we also guarantee you’ll save more than our consulting fee in installation, construction, maintenance, energy, equipment and/or labor costs if you implement our recommendations.

The Initial Steps We Take to Start a Design

These days most people choose is a full design, and maybe additional hours of consulting as they get more familiar and end up with more questions. Either way our design and service for you will be customized specifically to your needs. You can see a list of services and prices here:

We are operating out of west central Florida north of Brooksville and Spring-Hill.

Consultation Visit

Before the visit we do some preliminary research of your property. Once on location we spend time discussing your goal(s) and vision(s), take pictures, measurements if applicable, and so on. We sit down with you and discuss immediately visible options, make on the spot suggestions and ensure we have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish.

We return to our office to finish the research and design, prepare the report and in your case the graphical design work that can be used to get it implemented.

When done, you will receive a preliminary report for you to review and approve and if needed we will make necessary modifications until you approve it.

After that we will send you the final full design report which we will review with you, over the phone typically. Questions on the report is happily answered. (Driving beyond an hour is drawn on your credit for one direction, while we cover the other direction.)

A permaculture design process is a thoughtful process. It can take time, and back and forth between client and designer. As we get deeper into the process, it is natural that you may want to make some changes.

As part of the design process we try to reduce the time and changes made by asking you questions up front that can bring these things out, and using our site assessment form but because it is a process of discovery, we do know these things can come up.

We incorporate some changes within the process and expect them. However, there is a point beyond which we will need to charge more for the process if the client continues to want changes. We will ensure to stay in good communication with you and let you know when we are approaching that point.

There's a  link to the form we need filled out before moving forward. It will help orienting you about directions to take as well as giving us an insight into what you want to accomplish with your land. The more complete it is the better understanding we will have of your dream. If there's a question you don't have the answer to skip it.


We want you to win in using permaculture to reach your goals so we go over and beyond, but we may choose to charge at some point when it clearly exceeds the job you paid for. If we reach that point we will notify you ahead of time and not surprise you with a sudden bill. We believe in delivering at a high exchange level over and beyond of what you paid for and will err in that direction before asking for more exchange from you. (The idea being similar to you paying for a white diamond but receiving a blue diamond.)

The exchange we ask for is 50% before starting the job and balance on delivery of the final report. Payments can be done through our website storeping cart which supports both Paypal and Debit/Credit cards, or it can be done with a paper check. Of course cash is not turned down.

To optionally reserve the booking for a date a $95 non-refundable deposit is requested. It will apply towards the initial payment. This option will ensure we don't move your appointment in favor of another job, which could result in us losing or delaying another job. This is not important if your schedule is flexible. Please note that other situations that is not under our control, for example, force-majeure could still move the date.

Beyond the Consultation

Finally, when possible we highly recommend you taking the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) as it will give you a fuller understanding and make
it is easier moving forward towards implementing your dream. (It lays the foundation to properly continue learning permaculture and reaching your goals.) We are also working on bringing forward advanced permaculture courses beyond the PDC.

A formal mentor ship intended for PDC graduates is in progress for those wanting to continue with more hands-on experience and receive personal hand holding in the direction they wish to go.

In addition we offer the online PDC which combines the best from both worlds where you get online mentoring, discussions with other students including optional in-person training on our farm. The idea is to not lose anything you gain from doing it in person but gain the freedom of online. More details online (

We are very happy to service you and as usual we are excited to help someone else win and move towards their goals! When you win we all win!
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