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Koreen With Students

Permaculture Princess (PPP33)

Possibilities of Permaculture for Relief Efforts, Soil Building & Whole Systems Design with Koreen Brennan of Grow Permaculture. (48 min)

Nu Earth with Nixie Marie

Creating Abundance through Permaculture with Koreen Brennan. On today’s episode we are grounding ourselves back into the soil of the earth after a month of exploring the cosmic realms. As Nixie has arrived back in her Topanga studio in Los Angeles she is inspired to be with the land. Nixie interviews Koreen Brennan to discuss the basics of permaculture, birdwatching as a spiritual practice, and the transforming effects of nature. (1hr 4min)
NuEarth Podcast


Docu video with Koreen

Forest Ranch Regenerative

In this short film from the forest ranch, we arrive at "Our Permaculture Farm" in Pinellas County Florida at the same time as a Girl Scout Troop arrives to learn about permaculture, food forests, and ecology. Watch how Certified Permaculture Designer and Instructor, Koreen Brennan passes the sparks of regenerative thinking to this curious group of young women. (9min)

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