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Permaculture Design

Key words and phrases used in design, such as assessment, base map, design, energy, invisible structure, etc.
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Built Environment

Words and phrases used in built environement, such as biofilter, blackwater, drip irrigation, first flush, hydralic ram, etc.
Built Environment dictionary

Financial Permaculture

Words and phrases used in financial permaculture, such as alternative currency, capital, cradle to cradle design, debt based economy, economics, etc.
Financial Permaculture dictionary


Words and phrases used with soil, such as beneficial microbes, biodiversity, compose, humus, leachate, legume, nitrogen fixers, etc.
Soil dictionary


Words and phrases used with water, such as A-fram level, aquaculture, berm, chinampas, earthworks, french drain, spillway, etc.
Water disctionary

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