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We offer online and in-person courses including the well known Permaculture Design Course. We do design and consulting work to help you
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Why Permaculture?

Today we are facing issues such as lack of food security, climate change, and continuously diminishing agricultural land, which indirectly tend to lead to things such as health issues and economic insecurity, can readily be resolved through the use of permaculture.
Rich landscape
Farmers degrade the soil they depend on by not ensuring the three things that healthy soil needs - air, water and nutrition - are present. Driving a tractor on soil compresses it, and oxygen and water cannot enter. Any fertilizer applied does not enter either. (Buying expensive tools to inject fertilizer into the soil is unnecessary with this technology.)
Rain washes away unprotected, plowed topsoil along with chemical fertilizers. This fertility often end up flowing into water systems that lead to the ocean in Florida and other Gulf state where the sudden inflow of nitrates feeds the infamous toxic red-tide algae, killing millions of fish and other sea life and causing a health hazard for humans. It's very possible to prevent all of this, with the right approach which is well within our capacity to implement.
Bill Mollison travelled across continents to find the most successful farming methods over the long term used by indigenous people for hundreds or thousands of years. From this hands-on research he formulated a number of principles based on a whole systems design. It starts with the ethics of care for the earth, care for people and care for the future. He noted that working with nature instead of against her increased the longevity and abundance in these systems. These principles help us create a more resilient, holistic, permanent culture, which is how the word permaculture was formed
Growing food using these principles is simple, does not require expensive machines or tools, and anyone can learn how to do it. Permaculture is about designing one's life to be more regenerative. This can be broken down into design projects; for instance, a permaculture landscape design would include fruit trees, edible landscaping, and gardens. Using these regenerative gardening techniques, it's possible to grow enough food to be able to sell excess at farmers markets and other local outlets.
Food of the farm
Sustainable means that something can continue without depleting resources. Regenerative means that you are not only sustainable but you put more back than you took out; you are actively improving or healing the system. Regenerative systems retain their ability to produce abundance. This approach becomes a long term “way of life” and are key parts of permaculture.
Mollison laid out an internationally recognized 72 hour course that teaches these techniques. Our courses far exceed the minimum requirements, to give you a better start and help you on your journey. We focus on practical application. Our goal is to help you to be successful in applying these techniques.
Start with a backyard, a family farm, or homestead, or simply to learn an easier garden technique. These in themselves create great examples that inspire others to do the same. Or build a career designing, teaching and helping others to help all of us!


Watch a short video of what students have to say.
This Permaculture Design Certificate Course changed my life. I feel so fortunate to have the information that will allow me to be fully self-sufficient, off the grid, living with true abunadance, and I am grateful that I know how to create abundance for entire communities. I'm certain that working in and with Permaculture is how I can contribute to dramatically improving the world, right now. We really can feed the world and solve most of the world's problems in a garden. Kudos to Koreen for a valuable, practical introduction to all the key elements of permaculture design. I am so grateful I took this course.


I really enjoyed the whole PDC experience. I knew I would, but it was even better than I had thought. I loved the detailed theoretical classes in which I learned how to build soil, how to make it faster than it would happen naturally, how plants benefit each other. I also liked the hands on experiences a lot, it made many concepts so much clearer. I enjoyed the teacher's methods, and the warmth of the teachers' helpers.

It was a learning experience in every single level not to mention a great opportunity to meet nice people and grow. Thanks!!!


I've had my permaculture friends tell me this course changed their life. I never understood why, or what the fuss was about, until I did the course myself. It is a paradigm shift to a much nicer and better paradigm. Don't hesitate to do this course!



Ready for more Action?

We are ready to move you on towards your goals, let us know if you still have any questions? Our team is ready and waiting for you! :-)
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