Molly Norris

"Koreen have a wealth of knowledge and it's clear she really want to share. I feel confident, after attending their PDC course, that I could make basic designs that would work well for any potential client. Knowing that they will review any plans encourages me to jump right in and design!"


"The unity of the group was awesome. The shared knowledge very inspiring. Learning this way with the hands on demonstration, I could understand more of the school. And thank you so much for all your teachings and welcoming of Dylan."


"I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about skills, tools, and connections that will allow them to become effective agents for positive change toward a better world."


"This course changed my life forever. It changed the way I look at everything, and gave me tools to address problems I thought had no solutions. It reinvigorated my connection to, respect for and love of the natural world and increased my understanding of it tremendously. It made me feel powerful and able to change things rather than helpless or apathetic. It gave me hope again, a renewed purpose for life and so many tools that I never dreamed existed! It brought back magic to my life, lightness, and fun!"


"The unity of the group was awesome. The shared knowledge very inspiring. Learning this way with the hands on demonstration, I could understand more of the school. And thank you so much for all your teachings and welcoming of Dylan."

Susan Keiffer

"Grow Permaculture far exceeded my expectations, even after years of experience working with organic gardening methods already. This is just the tip of the iceberg on how much is available for you to learn as you will find out. The depth of how very differently agriculture and water management and land usage really can't be stressed enough."


"Thank you very much for this amazing course.
The setting was ideal.
The fact of being able to practice on real ground was invaluable.
The presentation was very lively and instructive and really opened my eyes on how good design takes care of both the earth, the people and creates a surplus without waste.
I love permaculture principles and how thoroughly and thoughful they are and how caring."


"The comprehensive dovetailing of skills, data and disciplines which then got used to a product came together so beautifully - I know I can do this now.

"It's like a giant puzzle that you work and work till all the pieces fit . It changed my thinking and made me so much more aware. I believe that I am more responsible, aware and empowered from knowing what I now know. And there's hope for the future."


"I also feel I have met my GROUP! The friendships and contacts I've made on this course will be for a lifetime."


"Fantastic being in nature on site in a camping setting learning about creating a more sustainable lifestyle. It changed my viewpoint. For our times permaculture is life process that can heal our planet and social structures. This we need."


"Realization: Permaculture is a thought process that can be applied to all systems."


"This course is the most exciting one I've ever attended because it's all about finding solutions and connecting people together."


"This course showed me that permaculture can be done. It is no longer a dream of mine but a plan for a better life! The personal connections, resources and information have and will continue to inspire me and broaden my perspectives. I made valuable contacts with other people who genuinely care about the Earth, sustainability, permaculture, and each other."


"Hold on to your shorts! The wave of the future is upon us! Everyone should be exposed to permaculture. It's the only way to live!"


"This course rebooted my life. I am no longer bluescreening, but ready to connect further."


"The teaching was inspired and inspiring, and the people I met through the course will be friends for life."

Lucie Burke

"After participating in Grow Permaculture's PDC, I feel confident that I can accurately evaluate a variety of sites and come up with integrated, sustainable designs."


"I was blown away over how sane permaculture is! So simple to implement yet so powerful. How did everyone miss the basics of caring for soil over centuries!? Well, not everyone, someone (Bill and a few others) actually paid attention. My greatest gratitude for their work keeping the know how and sharing it!
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