Graduates and friends, come and hang out at Our Permaculture Farm May 20-21! We'll start around 4 PM and go into the evening. We'll have skills sharing, networking, and evening celebration as well as briefing on activities/projects coming up this year. If you'd like to camp out, we'll have skills sharing/networking the next morning as well. It's pretty nice and cool in the evenings and mornings on the farm. We'd love to see you all, hear what you're up to and hang out! See you then!

We'll have an event all day Sat including a cooking class by our new resident chef, Shelley Jaffe. See our website for more data on this event.

We are going to have the GP graduates event on the first weekend of December (4 & 5).

This weekend opened up and it is a time when most of you could come. It is also slightly less likely to be cold that weekend than later.

It will be the entire weekend, but we'll focus on Saturday for those who can only come one day. We would like your input on co-creation (see below)!

You can camp on-site, we have compost toilets and showers (which most of you have seen). Please, bring your own food, dishes, pots and pans, ice, and prepare to be fully self-sufficient. We won't have room to store cold foods for everybody. We will have an outdoor stove, coffee and tea maker, things like that. If you want to bring enough to share with some others, please do! We'll have a central area for camping stoves, etc. We plan on having a fire Saturday evening in the fire pit.

We would really appreciate some volunteers to help with things such as the compost toilets, and cleaning up after the event. We can also use some people who could come up a day or two early to help us set up. That will help us want to do this and other events regularly (as much as we love to see you guys, cleaning up after a crowd can be quite a task)!

If you have a special skill you'd like to share, let us know.
If you have ideas for group actions, let us know.
We want to make this a co-create!

We are really excited to see you again and catch up!! And have ya'll meet those you haven't met yet, network, etc.

And please feel free to bring others with you, the vast majority of those who responded to our survey were fine with bringing others. You can bring kids but will have to be fully responsible for them. We won't have any capacity to watch out for them or help watch them, and there are aspects of our space that are not kid friendly. All we ask is that you let me know that you plan on coming and how many in your party?

** Use my email (steve at growpermaculture dot com) to communicate on this subject, and if you want to coordinate with others I will forward emails as needed to those of you who volunteer to help.

** If you can help out please notify me via email and I'll do the coordinating.

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