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Potluck at our farm! As farmers, we're very conscious of the seasons; they're very much a part of our lives. Winter solstice is a time when plants are drawing in and going dormant, but will soon start coming to life again. We use this time to harvest and enjoy our fall and winter crops, but also to plan, celebrate, and deepen relationships in the community.

So if you would like to celebrate regenerative, ecologically friendly living with us, come on down. We'll share some exciting developments for growers and farmers in the area, give you a short tour of our farm (which will be in winter mode), share a meal and get to know each other around a fire.

4 PM for tour and short briefing, 5 PM celebration starts

Bring a dish! Bring something locally grown or with locally grown ingredients if you can! We're looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Bring a drum or instrument if you wish.
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