Alan Scheurmann & Ryan Hertz

From the Pine Ridge PDC


Alan Scheurmann, talking about the organization he and fellow Pine Ridge graduate Ryan Hertz established: "The word EcoZoic was coined by author Thomas Berry who tells the story of the universe and the earth through the lens of the major eras of history. The EcoZoic era is where Berry predicts humans must evolve into in order to avoid extinction. It is a period in which humans must co-create mutually enhancing relationships with the larger community of life. So our organization, which is incorporated as an L3C (low profit limited liability company), serves the mission to co-create an EcoZoic reality, starting with our hometown of Detroit. We do ecological consultations, sustainability assessments, and Permaculture Design, as well as community organizing to empower families and individuals to realize self-sufficiency. We are both musicians and are working on figuring out the details of how to incorporate our musical backgrounds into our efforts. We want to see an EcoZoic Detroit and we are taking action every day, along with many others, to help realize this vision."

In 2010, EcoZoic Era made a trip to Mexico to work with remote indigenous communities, marketing their traditional art to new audiences in an effort to raise global awareness, increase economic opportunity, and offer resources to address self-identified needs. Partnering with the community of La Laguna, they founded The Water for Huicholes! campaign to assist with the issue of water access for Huichol villages throughout the Sierra Madre Occidental. Proceeds from the online auctioning of Huichol art and jewelry supported educational opportunities in sustainable design for the Huicholes, with an emphasis on hydrological systems. Each piece was made freehand, in a ceremonial manner, by the family of Mara'kame, Jose Luiz Ramirez, who has requested that this art be sold for this purpose.
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