Mario Yanez & Elena Naranjo

A permaculture farm in Homestead

Non Profit organization Earth Learning

Graduates Mario Yanez and Elena Naranjo created a wonderful project in Homestead, near Miami. Through a County program for the homeless, they acquired a 22 acre permaculture farm connected to a LEED housing program all created to help the homeless get back on their feet. At the center of the operations was a new LEED building that houses a commercial kitchen, classroom/meeting area, farmer's market space and storefront, creating an integrated space for preparing and selling the products from the farm, teaching farmers, and having community meetings and classes. 

Mario's non profit organization Earth Learning has launched food summits, hosted a financial permaculture conference and continues to create training opportunities for the residents of the program and many others. Elena and Mario created a number of permaculture demonstrations on the farm from large aquaculture ponds to plant guilds, herb spirals, keyhole beds, intensive tree cropping moringa alleys and animals. Though the project ended, Mario has continued the work of spreading permaculture through events and permaculture training.
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