How-to Attend the Online Courses

As with any online programs you need to have a login. At the end of our menu you see a word 'edX', which is the name of the online training program that we use. Under it you have different options depending on if you are logged in to it, or not.

When you are new you will need to Register. Once registered you can then choose a course to take. When you Login the menu will change and you now have a few more options such as Enroll, Resume course, Profile and Sign Out, to name a few. The edX menu is not to be confused with the Store or the Cart. You buy the course in the Store and it will be an item in your Cart. But once you have bought an online course you graduate to the edX menu.

Note: You cannot login to the online courses through the cart, only via edX.
Some background

When we decided to deliver online courses we needed a well establish and reliable product that would serve us and our students well. We did not want to 'rent' someone's online program where we would be dependent on them not going out of business or having any kind of corporate issue that would in turn stop our access. A movement known as Open Source created a number of licenses where everyone has full access to the computer code and can basically make any changes they wish, including running it wherever, however they wish. There are a few rules that varies with the specific license it is available under, but in very broad strokes that is basically it. Freedom.

This means that if any one company that wrote and released that code went out of business we can still continue to use it perfectly legally. Turns out that one of the top three massive open online course (MOOC) programs are open-source. It is named edX [ed-x].
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