More Details About the In-Person PDC

There are volumes of material on permaculture on the internet - it can be overwhelming and confusing. Our course offers focused and relevant written material, live presentations, demonstrations, hands on practice, and interactive learning that will aid students to master and apply key concepts of doing a successful design. Materials are designed to guide students in continuing their education after the course. Instructors are veteran, professional designers and educators who have a wide range of on-the-ground design experience; this experience can help you shorten your learning curve, time, and expense significantly.

We incorporate multiple learning styles including hands on, visual aids, immersion, lecture, interaction, and more. Our choice of materials, videos, expert speakers, focused hands on activities (that give you step by step useful skill sets), Florida-specific information (as well as other climates), written materials, networking and career opportunities, and design tools are the result of this feedback. We live in this community and care about its future and we continue to work with graduates in Florida to create something better, together.

St Petersburg is one of the most active cities in Florida on the sustainability front, hosting many great regenerative projects. Our permaculture farm is located in a unique sandhill pine-oak ecosystem in Florida. We have many beautiful oak and pine trees on the site, native wildlife including protected species, and wild edibles such as pawpaws, wild cherry, and dewberries. In addition we have a number of different types of permaculture gardens, chickens, water catchment, solar, and other appropriate technology. Our farm is located in the Nature Coast, with multiple parks nearby including springs that manatees visit regularly, rivers, bike trails, and the Gulf of Mexico.
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