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Online Courses
Our online courses includes practical activities much the same as if you were in front of our instructors and you gain the freedom to follow your own schedule. There is an added bonus for online material as it remains available to you after you graduate and includes more optional material than is delivered in-person. (Graduates of the In-Person PDC can attend the Online course at 50% discount.)

The introductory course is called Permaculture Design Course and is the foundation for how to learn and apply permaculture. With the full PDC under your belt you are ready to dive into any area of interest from any and all of the seven petals of the permaculture flower.
Personal mentoring is included and there are Optional In-Person Classes available for when that is not enough.
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In-Person Courses
Our In-Person PDC have a class limit and is done over six months. Delivered in both urban and farm settings you come one weekend a month (fall courses skip December) to suit those who cannot get away from work. An intensive two week course is available at times.

We incorporate multiple learning styles including hands on, visual aids, immersion, lecture, interaction, and more. Our choice of materials, videos, expert speakers, when feasible - field trips, focused hands on activities (that give you step by step useful skill sets), Florida-specific information (and other areas when asked for), written materials, networking and career opportunities, and design tools are the result of this feedback.

We live in this community and care about its future and we continue to work with graduates in the community to create something better, together. We also offer assistance in coordinating carpooling and housing during the class between student and graduates who live locally.
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Depending on the season we also offer a number of different courses (and events) varying in depth and scope from an hour to whole days, often as a direct response to requests from students and clients. Our goal is to increase the application of permaculture for the greater good. Events are listed on the calendar when available.
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