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Free introduction to permaculture



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Want to get a better idea of what permaculture really is and what it can do?

This free introductory workshop offers an insight to the Permaculture Design Course. We are located on a 10-acre farm which is being built using permaculture principles.
Permaculture can help you:

• Grow healthy, organic food with little maintenance needed, by working with nature
• Use permaculture principles even in an apartment or condo
• Reduce costs of living
• Tap into or help build supportive community networks
• Achieve more economic stability
• Design your life toward more health and abundance

Join us at this informative, lively and interactive workshop from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday June 22, 2023.

Koreen is a permaculture and edible landscape designer and is in demand as a keynote and transformational speaker on the subject of abundant living.

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