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PINA One Year Free Membership


(Included at no cost to you with each purchase of the Permaculture Design Course, online or in-person, as a thank you!)

PINA supports professional development for PDC graduates through continuing education, mentorship, diploma recognition, and employment. We identify, fund, and staff critically important projects in land, community, and climate regeneration.



PINA is a professional association for Permaculture Practitioners working across North America and Hawaiʻi to:

• Promote permaculture pathways in professional development
• Facilitate networking and connectivity among permaculture practitioners
• Grant diplomas recognizing excellence and achievement
• Bring permaculture solutions to the challenges of social justice, land regeneration, and climate change
• Preserve the integrity and quality of the Permaculture Design Course
• Elevate the status and impact of Permaculture by influencing public policy and private development to improve the quality of life for all

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