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Plant Sale & Survival Gardening


We will hold a special edible and native plant sale and demonstrate that it is possible to feed yourself from your yard. We have done it!

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In this class we will cover some of the top “survival” foods you can grow with minimal care and maximum yields. Learn how and when to plant them, how to propagate them (to expand your garden, or share with friends and neighbors so they have food too), how much you need to feed yourself, and more. We believe everybody can grow some of their own food, and we guide you on how to get the most yield for the time and effort put in regardless of your circumstances. Whether you need it for hard times or not - it is pure pleasure to go out to your yard and harvest delicious, super healthy food you grew yourself. These foods will all thrive in hot Florida summers. We will have these for sale in our nursery.

Hand out provided.

This class is limited to 15 people so reserve early! $25, includes 1 plant and take home materials.


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