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PermaLife is a publication from Grow Permaculture LLC - Issue I, March 16, 2023

Editor's Note:

Welcome to the first edition of PermaLife, published by the good folks at Grow Permaculture and Our Permaculture Farm! The purpose of this publication is to provide you with the latest news and information regarding our farm (we call it our teaching facility, much like a teaching hospital but only healthier) and how to put the permaculture philosophy into practice and into your life. Initially we will be coming out twice a month. You will hear the word regenerative quite a bit here on the farm and for good reason. Regenerative agriculture is a food production system that nurtures and restores soil health, protects the climate and water resources and biodiversity, and enhances farms' productivity and profitability. We are all about this! Thank you so much for your continued support and we invite you to come out to the farm!

In this issue, check out Koreen’s briefing, our Permaculture question of the week, a word about availability of our permaculture courses and how to sign up for them and introducing a special feature – Grads in Action! And please don’t forget to fill out our survey, it will only take a few minutes and we would really appreciate it!

Koreen's Briefing

Koreen interacting with a young girl
There is a lot of excitement on the farm this month. Spring has sprung and birds are singing, bluebirds and woodpeckers are flitting about looking for a place to build their nests, flowers are blooming, new plants are bursting out of the soil.

And with spring, the human side of our farm is also blooming and bursting with new life. We are very happy to welcome Shelley and Larry Jaffe of Roving Foodies to the farm. Shelley is bringing exciting skill sets such as years of experience as a top-notch chef and baker of very healthy, organic baked goods plus a wide knowledge base on sustainable products. Larry is a talented writer and poet and community builder with many other skill sets as well.

Our Tuesday morning volunteer day is expanding with the addition of a family of six who are a delight to have on the farm - curious,
eager to bring things to life and to learn. We also have a return visit from two WWOOFers (WWOOF is a cultural exchange program, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) who we really enjoyed last year and are having some great adventures with this year too. We’re looking forward to the expansion of infrastructure and activities of the farm this year with this great group and other friends.

We’re having some creative fun discussing different ways we can prepare our purple ube roots (wild yam) and other crops, and planning exciting additions to the farm including more farm events, an expanded nursery, plus baked goods and other food products from our farm produce, created by Shelley. We will be building a beautiful outdoor classroom and farm stand soon. Meanwhile, a number of our fruit trees are loaded with flowers and fruit already and we’re looking forward to late bloomers like persimmons will produce nicely this year as well.

We hope to see you at some point this spring if you’re in the neighborhood. We’re looking forward to a productive and joyful season!

Question of the Week

How would you recommend someone get started in Permaculture?
There are multiple ways to get started with permaculture. One is to get your hands in the dirt, and observe the results. Plant stuff, do something to build your community, try to figure out some ways to create more beneficial connections in your life. That doesn't necessarily mean meeting new people, but perhaps exploring more deeply how you and those you already know can help each other more deeply. We've done this by creating cross promotion with other likeminded businesses, as one example. We also share resources in other ways, from libraries to tools. This can really expand what we're able to do. Applying permaculture principles to your life, thus learning by doing can be very powerful. A good way to start is to take one principle or idea from permaculture and try to apply it in as many ways as you can in your life. This can be quite a creative and enjoyable process.

The second way is to take a Permaculture Design Course. This course is designed and honed over decades to give you the basic tools to boost your use of permaculture on many levels, in a setting that allows you to see it in action and use it while you're learning. You meet others of like mind and get oriented to the larger permaculture community in the process. A good permaculture design course "fills in the blanks" you aren't going to get from YouTube and allows you to work through each step of the design process. It cuts down your learning curve tremendously and increases successful application of permaculture.

Check it out today

Grads in Action

Deanna Won
Deanna Won is the Founder of Keynotes to Life, co-author of the Amazon #1 international bestseller Success University for Women in Leadership, speaker, and holistic health practitioner who inspires people to reach their highest potential through integrating personal leadership with purposeful and healthy living.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Deanna is a retired Colonel and physicist with 30 years of experience. At the height of her career, Deanna was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and admitted into hospice with 4 weeks to live. Miraculously, by God’s grace, she recovered. Being given this second chance at life fuels her passion to inspire, educate, and empower.
PermaLife recently sat down with Deanna and got her viewpoint on Permaculture.
Here is what she had to say:
What drew you to Permaculture?

I've always had an interest in plants and growing things since I was young, More recently, I had taken an organic gardening class, where the instructor made references to permaculture, of which I knew nothing, That planted the first seeds of Permaculture in my mind. Now, given the times that we're all living in, I became interested in learning more about Permaculture. I believe that it's important to learn not only how to grow our own food, but to be able to do in a way that is sustainable and ultimately, in alignment, with the principles of nature.

Do you consider it to be a lifestyle, philosophy or what?

I consider Permaculture to be a way of life, where care is at its core. It's caring for this planet that we are on, along with all its inhabitants—the people, animals, plants, insects, and microbes. It's caring about how our actions impact everything. It's taking a long term, broader perspective, realizing how everything is connected.

How did you find out about Grow Permaculture?

It was actually a friend of mine, who found Grow Permaculture for me as she knew I was interested in taking a live training. She was also aware that I had a platform for sharing what I would learn with others so she graciously sponsored me.

Why did you choose Grow Permaculture as the source for your study?

I chose Grow Permaculture as the source for my study because 1) it would be conducted live, and 2) it was in Florida, which is the very climate that I'm interested in learning about.  I felt that learning Permaculture virtually online, would not be the same as there simply is no substitute for 'boots on ground' and feeling the soil in your hands.

What do you like most about Grow Permaculture?

I like the fact that the instructors are both living the Permaculture lifestyle and have been immersed in this philosophy for several decades. I also like that it involves hands-on, practical learning where we can apply the principles that we're learning.

Grow Permaculture Curriculum and Courses

Are you ready to take your next step in Permaculture technology and uses? If so, we’ve got you covered from novice to all-star. All our courses are under the direct supervision of Koreen Brennan, educator, diplomate and PINA board member.

FREE Online Course

Our free Intro to Permaculture Design Course will get you started, give you the basics so you are prepared for future understanding and education. Discover why the adoption of permaculture is rapidly growing and how it opens doors such as: food security, non-toxic pest control, how designs are changing the way people solve problems, and indeed find happiness while doing so! Signup today!

Full Online Permaculture Design Course

The internationally recognized Grow Permaculture Full Online Permaculture Design Course comes with hands-on practical and mentoring. Now more than ever, people have attention on creating more choices and resilience in their lives. We want healthy food, a clean environment, happiness and security for us, our children, and future generations. This course offers practical steps to achieving these things in your own life, regardless of your circumstances. You can get started right away! Signup now!

In-Person Permaculture Design Master Class

This is Grow Permaculture’s internationally recognized In-Person Permaculture Design Course, based on Bill Mollison’s work. This course will be held in St Petersburg, FL, and at our farm in Brooksville, giving people an opportunity to see permaculture in action on both the farm and also studying in an urban environment. Space is limited, signup today!

Find out about the current full lineup of Grow Permaculture courses!

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Here is a video which shows the unique qualities found with the Spiderwort, a plant used by native Americans for healing, drinking and eating.
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